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Written by Victoria Radin   

It is believed that the Star of David was a logogram (a character, symbol, or sign used to represent an entire world). The ancient Hebrew letter for "D" (dalet) was shaped like a triangle and the ancient letter "V" (vav) was shaped like a vertical line with an arc at the top.

The name "David" is spelled "D V D" (dalet-vav-dalet) in Hebrew letters, and would have appeared as is shown in the ancient Hebrew language. The two triangles, one inverted, plus the ancient "Vav" in the center, it is believed, may have been King David's logogram as pictured in the "Star".

As believers in Messiah, Son of David, it can be seen that this logogram pictures the suffering servant Messiah, Yeshua, symbolized by the "V" (vav), viewed as a man hanging on a cross; and the conquering king Messiah symbolized by the six-pointed Star of David, King of Israel.

A Scientific Souvenir of Israel's 50th Birthday

A TBADH Enzyme

A TBADH enzyme is being called a scientific souvenir of Israel's 50th Birthday. The Jerusalem Post International Edition printed this picture of a TBADH enzyme that crystallized into a Star of David 0.8 millimeters across. "The heat-loving bacteria made this patriotic gesture at the Weizman Institute", during the week of April 25, 1998 the Post reported.

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