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Written by Victoria Radin   


“The lion has come up from his thicket, and the destroyer of nations is on his way…” (Jeremiah 4:7)

Our nation, and indeed the world, received a wake-up call on September 24th, 2008, 5 days before Rosh Hashanah (the biblical New Year) when President Bush announced to the nation and to the world that the U.S. was facing a severe financial crisis that would require government intervention to avoid a sudden, certain collapse of our economy. To emphasize the connectedness of all countries of the world, the financial markets of many nations began to fall like dominos with a swiftness that is biblically reflected in the sudden downfall of Israel when the Babylonians invaded.

During the period just before Israel’s captivity in Babylon, Jeremiah warned the Israelites of the coming disaster. He said, “Destruction upon destruction is cried, for the whole land is plundered. Suddenly my tents are plundered, and my curtains in a moment” (Jeremiah 4:20). Jeremiah was warning them that they were about to lose their homes, their possessions, and their sovereignty––in an instant. But, the people would not listen and instead sought ‘prophets’ that predicted peace and a rosy future for the nation. Like the Israelites in Jeremiah’s day, Americans are looking for leaders that will promise them peace and a prosperous future.

In the history of the rise and fall of other nations, it is not difficult to see how easily people were willing to accept the unacceptable when confronted with a national calamity. In Germany, for instance, the people rallied around Hitler who promised to remedy the economic crises looming over that nation. Their misguided confidence in an eloquent, articulate, persuasive leader, offering a solution to their fiscal problems led to the Holocaust ––the deaths of untold millions of people and the destruction of much property.

In our day, the same scenario is being played out in our nation and in the world as can be seen in French President Nicolas Sarkozy who became the head of the European Union (EU) this year. In his first appearance before the UN General Assembly, he appealed to the world body to avail itself as an instrument to build a “new world order of the 21st century,” urging that they address worldwide social problems with programs including equal wealth distribution–– a similar proposal to that of Barak Obama who called himself a world citizen while in Europe last summer. Sarkozy called for a global summit “as soon as possible” to implement “a real and complete reform of the international financial system.”

“In the name of France, I call upon all states to join ranks in order to found the new world order of the 21st century on the notion that the common goods that belong to all of humankind must be the common responsibility for us all,” Sarcozy told the General Assembly. He called for “more morality” in “financial capitalism” and a fairer distribution of profits, earnings in commodities, raw materials and new technologies.”…“We want a new world to come out of this…”, he said.

There has been much conspiracy talk online about the current financial crisis being engineered by evil men with questionable motives. And, reading these quotes made by Sarkozy, it makes one wonder. But, most conspiracy theorists are unaware of the fact that the prophet Daniel foretold the details of this ‘new world order’ about 2,500 years ago. Based upon his vision, perhaps our old systems are being trampled by the enemy, the devil, to establish a new system of government that is ruled by ‘the world’ rather than by individual, sovereign nations.

Daniel had a vision (Dan. 7) of four beasts coming up out of the earth. The first was like a lion (Babylon), the second like a bear (Media-Persia), the third like a leopard (Greece) and the fourth (Rome), the beast with ten horns and iron teeth that devoured. The animals or beasts in the vision represented nations that ruled or would rule the known world at that time in history. But, the angel Gabriel told Daniel that his vision referred to “the time of the end” (Daniel 8:17).  In other words, he explained to Daniel his vision and its fulfillment as it applied to Israel in Daniel’s day, but also let him know that the prophecy pointed to a future end-time situation that would be fulfilled in the world at that time.

Applying what we know today, the four beasts can be likened to the members of the Quartet; the Quartet is a foursome of nations and international and supranational* entities involved in mediating the peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The four Quartet members are the United States (the lion), Russia (the bear), the European Union (the leopard), and the United Nations (the beast)––in other words, the Quartet represents the entire world, with a particular focus on the U.S., Russia, and the EU.

*Representatives elected by the legislatures or people of the member states

The first flag displayed on American soil by Columbus was a flag with 2 lions; Russia has been known by the symbol of a bear since the early 19th century; the EU got it’s name “Europa” from Greek mythology. Greece was identified as the leopard in Daniel’s vision; The United Nations fits the description of the beast with 10 horns. Rome was the last World Empire mentioned in Daniel’s vision. It dissolved into many nation-states just as the UN is made of many nations.

The fourth beast is a kingdom, which will be different from all other kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth, trample it and break it in pieces [i.e. ten regions as is reflected in its ten horns]. A little horn that has the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking pompous (arrogant) words against the L-rd will come out of one of the ten kingdoms. The description of this man matches the biblical description of the antichrist found in Revelation 13:5.

Zechariah also had a vision. He saw four horns (Zechariah 1:18). An angel of the L-rd told him that the horns are those (leaders/authorities) that have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem and that the L-rd was sending “craftsmen” to terrify the horns and cast out the ‘horns’ of the nations that lifted themselves up against the land of Judah to scatter it. The ‘terror’ that Zechariah records in his prophecy will come in the form of wars, financial ruin, and famine for starters (Rev. 6:4-8).

Zechariah’s prophecy narrows down the identity of the ‘horns’ to those who have scattered the people of Israel. Because the Quartet was formed to mediate ‘peace’ in the Middle East, but has instead endeavored to divide Israel, we can liken them to the four ‘horns’ of Zechariah’s vision. Zechariah describes their destiny this way.

“For thus says the L-rd of hosts: ‘He sent Me after glory, to the nations which plunder you [Israel]; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye. For surely I will shake My hand against them….’” (Zechariah 2:8, 9a)

While, at the moment, this worldwide financial crisis that started with the U.S. (the lion) does not seem to be related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the unraveling of biblical prophecy, however, it is very connected. The late David Wilkerson, of Times Square Church fame, had this forecast for America in his December 10, 2001 letter to subscribers.

“If President Bush touches Israel––if he allows the Palestinians to have a portion of Jerusalem as their capital––we are doomed. We will soon be in the worst depression in history.” [Exactly seven years after this was penned, we find ourselves on the brink of a worldwide depression.]

Considering these prophecies and Wilkerson’s word, it is not surprising that the pressure brought by the Bush administration upon Israel to make concessions that include the relinquishing of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, is the greatest factor in causing the shaking of the L-rd’s hand against the United States first and then the rest of the world that is involved in ‘carving up Israel’. Eventually, as the major powers fail (the U.S., Russia, and the EU), it will pave the way for the New World Order of the 21st Century, led by the world body, the United Nations––the beast of Daniel’s vision.

“For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.” (Matthew 24:21)

No believer should, however, faint with fear because the L-rd is always with us, especially in times of trouble.

“Do not be afraid of sudden terror, nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; for the L-RD will be your confidence, and will keep your foot from being caught. (Proverbs 3:25, 26)

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