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Written by Victoria Radin   

When Leaders Lead

“When leaders lead in Israel, when the people willingly offer themselves, bless the L-rd!” (Judges 5:2)

The book of Judges records a period in Israel’s history that has been described as “the Bible's version of the Wild West,” a dark time of chaos and collapse. When the people of Israel fell into moral and spiritual decay, G-d allowed them to be conquered by their enemies. When they cried out to G-d for help, G-d sent enigmatic, compelling leaders, to save them from their enemies and bring them back to a right relationship with the Almighty.

Over and over again, Israel's judges were unlikely heroes. But G-d sought (and still seeks) individuals with a humble, godly character to make into leaders for His service. Deborah was such person. G-d called on the prophetess Deborah to amass an army from the tribes of Israel to fight against the Canaanites, headed by General Sisera, who was terrorizing Israel. It was a time of chaos, a time that called for strong leadership.

Deborah, who was known as the "mother of Israel" and wife of Lapidoth, was the only female Judge recorded in the Bible. She was a prophetess, a judge and a military leader – a powerful combination of authority & responsibility. This lofty position was held by only two others – Moses and Samuel.

The judges did not save Israel by their own strength or prowess, but only by the miraculous intervention of the L-rd of hosts, the Captain of the angel armies of heaven. The ‘Song of Deborah’ (Judges 5) says “The L-rd came down for me [Deborah] against the mighty” (vs. 13), “They fought from the heavens, the stars from their courses fought against Sisera”… and the river washed Sisera’s armies away in a massive flood (vs. 20, 21). The battle was a total victory. In reflecting on the story of Deborah, Professor Allen M. Glick* says, “If you can be rescued by a housewife, it just goes to show G-d works in mysterious ways.”

*Professor of Judaic and Biblical Studies at Clark University in Massachusetts and the author of a widely acclaimed translation of the first five books of the Bible

Thousands of years later, during Israel’s War of Liberation in 1948, Israel fought her enemies on every side. Keeping in mind that the name Deborah means “bee”, it is remarkable how G-d fought once again for Israel in the same valley where He rescued them in the days of Judges. Charles Gulston writes in Jerusalem: The Tragedy and the Triumph:

“Although the sun did not stand still during the War of Liberation, it is said that the bees fought for Israel when the enemy was approaching Tel Aviv. Swarms of these creatures from the groves east of Petah Tikva, the oldest Jewish agricultural settlement, whose name means “door of hope,” attacked the Arabs….”

Just as in the days of the Judges, America is living in a dark time of chaos and collapse, of spiritual and moral disintegration. We have strayed far from the biblical principles upon which this nation was founded. America is not only threatened by the likes of Sisera in the form of radical Islamic leaders, but we are also facing the threat of economic collapse brought about by greed and materialism. What is even worse is our loss of influence in the world because we have adopted the worldview of ‘political correctness’ and ‘tolerance’. By caving in to the world’s skewed definition of ‘tolerance’, we are unwittingly opposing G-d, who clearly defines those things that are an abomination to Him in His Word. Bill Ellis, Syndicated Columnist, reflects his personal view of tolerance:

“Is it possible that we are guilty of tolerating too much? Tolerance loses its virtue if it tolerates everything. Many of the problems we face in America and in the world will only be solved when we become less tolerant of evil. We must not roll over and play dead when faced with evil. That is not what is meant by ‘turning the other cheek.’

“Tolerance is no longer a virtue when its tolerates ungodliness, anarchy and terrorism. Tolerance can only be a virtue when it embodies morality, righteousness, integrity and honor. Tolerate the things you do not like only as long as they are not a threat to the things you love most. Evil does not disappear by simply being tolerated. Tolerance must, at times, and in the face of evil, cease to be tolerant if it is to continue being virtuous.”

Today, in America, we are living in just such a time as existed in the days of the Judges of Israel. Lawlessness abounds in our government where leaders apply the law to others but not to themselves, where the government fails to enforce immigration laws and corrpution is uncovered daily. Today in America, child pornography and abortions abound, homosexuality is a protected lifestyle, and the love of G-d and His Word have grown cold.

We need to have the L-rd rescue us. We need another chance to elect politicians who will stamp out corruption from our midst and restore godly values to America. While men may be at the forefront of the candidates, G-d has allowed many women like Deborah to lead the campaign for the restoration of biblical principles to the leadership of the United States. As Professor Glick  aptly points out, “If you can be rescued by a housewife, it just goes to show G-d works in mysterious ways.” Probably because He cannot find a man to fill the position.

We must elect leadership that will turn this nation around so that we will not be conquered by our enemies, both inside and outside the Church, as well as inside and outside this country. G-d has brought into the election process women like Deborah who carry a powerful combination of authority & responsibility. While they are unlikely heros, perhaps G-d has chosen a woman, who readily confesses loyalty to G-d, to bring to the Church and the Nation a consciousness of how far we’ve strayed from Him and to an awareness of the real danger we face as a nation if we do not seize this opportunity.

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