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Written by Victoria Radin   

Many people believe that the date of September 11th was chosen by opportunistic chance by the Muslim terrorists. However, history would seem to point to that date as their planned, specific choice. It was the date in history on which Muslim invaders of the West were brought to their knees in defeat three times.

In 1565, the Muslim Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent dominated the Mediterranean, having intentions of not only taking Sicily, Sardinia, Majorca and southern Spain, but Rome as well. But first, he had to take the small island of Malta just south of Sicily, defended by the Knights of Malta. In March of 1565, Sultan Suleiman attacked with 200 ships and 40,000 Muslim soldiers. Jean Parisot de la Valette led the small number of the Knights of Malta and defined the battle. He said, “Today it is a question of the defense of our faith – as to whether the Gospels are to be superseded by the Koran. G-d on this occasion demands of us our lives, already vowed to His service. Happy will be those who first consummate this sacrifice.”

Although the Muslims far outnumbered the Knights of Malta, they kept fighting. The Turks reduced one of their fortresses to rubble, but the Knights kept fighting, resolving to save Western Civilization. Finally, the Muslim leader was killed and they sailed away in defeat on September 11, 1565.

In 1683, Sultan Mehmed IV sent 138,000 Muslim Ottoman Turks to surround Vienna, Austria, led by General Mustafa Pasha. For two months they starved the 11,000 Austrian defenders of Vienna. Polish King Jan Sobieski gathered 81,000 Polish, Austrian and German troops and on September 11, 1683, led a surprise attack. In one of the largest charges in history, 38,350 cavalry and dragoons caused the Turks to flee in terror for their lives.

During a time when Muslim Ottoman Turks dominated Belgrade, Serbia, Austria helped free Belgrade, but Muslim Ottoman Turks recaptured it and razed the city’s buildings to the ground. Thousands fled to the Austrian Hapsburg Empire. A representative of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince Eugene of Savoy, led the Holy League to counter-attack. Losing 500 men, they killed 30,000 Turks in one of the Ottoman Empire’s worst defeats in history – the Battle of Zenta, on September 11, 1697.

Fundamentalist Muslims still feel the sting of defeat hundreds of years later. In their view, they are the recipients of Allah's final revelation and it is humiliating to them that they have been unable to prevail against Western culture. In their desire to reverse the trend of defeat, September 11th was carefully chosen to try and reverse the course of history and create a September 11th that Islam could celebrate.

On September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists hijacked four passenger jets. Two were flown into New York’s World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon and one crashed in Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 Americans were killed. Then, on the night of September 11, 2012, the U.S. mission in Benghazi was attacked by a large group of heavily armed terrorists, leaving four Americans dead. While not as many died in this attack, the terrorists nevertheless celebrated a victory over Western forces. 

Today, Muslims are not seeking to defeat the West through a military invasion, but rather through the Trojan Horse of immigration. Their philosophy is "immigrate, populate, dominate". Foreigners, most of whom will never assimilate into Western culture, but who vehemently oppose it, are invading our American communities in order to populate and eventually dominate our homeland. And worse, our own government favors this.

While there have been a number of Muslim terrorist attacks in the U.S., we can certainly look for another major, catastrophic attack against America, the epitome of Western culture, on a future September 11th. As such, we have to proffer the statement expressed by Jean Parisot de la Valette who defined the battle against Islam. “Today it is a question of the defense of our faith – as to whether the Gospels are to be superseded by the Koran. G-d on this occasion demands of us our lives, already vowed to His service….”

Kee Va Mo'ed! (The Appointed Time Has Come)


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