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Written by Victoria Radin   

What I, Leo Roosipuu, am writing now comes to me from the Lord. I am writing these things as the Lord reveals them to me. We are living in the Age that is very soon going to end. The Lord does everything according to his plan. The times that will follow this Age are going to be very terrible. The Powers of Darkness that are going to take control of the world for a period of time, times, and half the time will perform so many frightful things that the world has never seen before.

During this time, many supernatural occurrences will take place. The sun will lose its brightness and the moon will shine in red. Those things have been foretold in the Scriptures:  Jeremiah 6:19, Ezekiel 39:1-16, Joel 2:31.

In those days, very many who do not know our precious Lord Jesus as their Savior will come to Him and forsake all that they have and receive Him as their Lord. They will be purified and made white. They will walk under His guidance through this terrible time.

(Also) many who are not strong in faith will forsake (the Lord) and side with the Powers of Darkness. (Although) they will have a more pleasant time on this earth, they will (eventually) dwell with the Devil in Eternal Damnation in Hell.

I am writing these things so that you would realize the seriousness of the time that will soon be here.––Leo Roosipuu

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