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Written by Victoria Radin   

Brother Leo Roosipuu, a saintly Australian intercessor, continues to warn us that very frightful days lie ahead and that we must shine our light into the darkness, into the lives of the unsaved, into those who are lost and in danger of facing everlasting darkness.

So, will you be a “light shining in the darkness” during the evil days ahead?

He reminds us that the  'last days' are upon us and encourages us that each person's ministry is important to the L-rd. Many will pass through the fearful days ahead, while others will forfeit their lives for their faith.

Here is Brother Leo's recipe for witnessing and intercession:

"My days of witnessing continue the same as [always]. I meet many who have no interest in G-d whatsoever. Many make excuses that are not real and many do not want to know anything about G-d and salvation. With all that said, there are always some who ARE interested and some whose interest is not strong, but receive the tracts that I deliver. I put all who open themselves to me on my list to pray for them afterwards. I do this four to five days a week. I pray that the L-rd will move their hearts, open more doors of Truth for them, remove any obstacles they may have to receiving the Gospel, and bring them to Him as their L-rd and Savior."


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