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Written by Leo Roosipuu   

Brother Leo lives in a beachfront community in Australia where they have a ‘floating’ population so that his witnessing tracts are always ‘fresh’. He has numerous opportunities to speak to the many young backpackers from around the world as they wait for their next coaches to take them along their way. He says that most are receptive to the Light of G-d’s Word. He witnesses locally three mornings a week to those to whom the L-rd guides him and he then brings them before the L-rd afterwards in prayer. Brother Leo says they always receive the Gospel and the tracts that he gives them.  

As a result of his regular, determined witness, the L-rd has opened many new doors to Brother Leo, both financial and spiritual doors. His ministry is bearing more and more fruit daily in opening the ‘doors’ to many hearts. He says his greatest joy is that he will be able to see all those to whom he has witnessed rejoicing in the L-rd forever and ever [in eternity]. 


Leo Roosipuu - November 29, 2003

The following word if from a series of prophetic warnings received by Leo from the L-rd beginning in 2003


The days ahead are filled with trials and turmoil. In the days ahead, a new spirit will come upon the earth that will deceive many. Many who are strong in the L-rd will undergo trials to purify themselves. The Lord will guide each and everyone through those times. No one who belongs to the Lord will perish, but many will have to give their lives for their faith.

It is a time when one will need to be strong in the L-rd. To walk in His counsel and will, to listen to the counsel of the Holy Spirit. The rewards to the faithful will be joy unimaginable. The glory that will be theirs cannot be described in words.

To prepare for those days, walk in obedience to the Word of G-d, and grow by the light of His Word and be strong in the L-rd. The L-rd will reveal to each and everyone in the days ahead the things that one must do to be ready for the L-rd's coming. Be pure and holy, dwell on the things that belong to the kingdom of righteousness.

To the One and Only Savior, the L-rd Jesus Christ be glory for ever and ever. Amen!


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